Our services

Independent Decisions and Professional Experience for Retirement Plans

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the protection, planning and resources needed to preserve and grow their estates. Our goal is to provide supportive services that promote the health, happiness and financial well-being of our clients while protecting their privacy and independence.

Lassahn Fiduciary Services is known for its commitment to handling cases ranging from simple trusts to those complicated by extenuating circumstances. We provide scrupulous accountings; dependable management; strong relationships with service providers; and personal, caring attention to detail.

Success Strategies

Act as a liaison between attorneys, CPA's, stockbrokers, real estate agents, and other professionals.


Brokerage account oversight, regular reviews, periodic planning, and review sessions

Investment Tips

Investment management expertise, and objectivity.

Skills & Administration

Trustee and Co-Trustee services. Support for personal charitable trusts and private foundations.

Environment & Efficiency

Quarterly and/or yearly accountings for client review


Management of real property, real estate acquisitions (personal and business), and coordination of healthcare services

Forensic Accounting

Preparation and analysis of financial accountings to support disputes or litigation.

Coordination/Tax Management

Work closely with Karyn Stiles, CPA for tax filings and planning.

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